Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February 21

Check out how tidy my desk is!  This rarely happens.

February 20

Porter's Lodge
Where all the mail gets delivered, and where, when going out, we have out pigeon hole picture taken.

February 19

Most of the day has been spent typing, so here is a gratuitous laptop shot.

February 18

I absolutely love my flowers.  They make me smile everytime I look at them. 

February 17

Chinese Feast
A friend is turning 21 soon and for the last 20 days she is 20 she is doing all manner of challenges.  Today's challege was to cook up an authentic chinese meal.  She definitely succeeded - it was awesome!

February 16

Books as Art
Outside the University Library there is a series of sculptures of books to prevent people from parking there.  Some of them (like this set) swivel.  I think they look striking when low lit.

February 15

Sidgewick Site
Another photograph taken from the library; this time facing the other way.  Such fun! (Or not)

February 14

Corpus Christi
What amazes me is how white the sky is in this photograph.  It almost looks as though I erased it.

February 13

Skyping with a friend I haven't talked with in a while.  The internet kept having hissy fits resulting in some painful looking pixelation.

February 12


It was my 21st birthday and a lovely day all round.  My parents and sister sent me these beautiful flowers and later I was surprised with a cake by my friends.

Monday, 21 February 2011

February 11

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture on February 11 and so, to compensate, I will upload two for February 12.

February 10

University Library
The University Library always seemed to me big and daunting.  I had not been in it since my DoS gave us a tour of it in Michaelmas Term of first year, but I needed to venture in there to read a book that was in no other libraries in Cambridge.  It was not as daunting an experience as I thought it would be, even if it did take me a ridiculously long time to find the book I needed.

February 9

Trinity College
Today was the birthday of an old friend, so I went to Trinity for tea and cake.  I took other shots around the college and contemplated using one of them instead, but at the moment I seem to be drawn to trees and this one looks like it has an interesting story to tell, yet the college is still present in the background.

February 8

Sunset over Cambridge
 Dusk is my favourite time of day; it is the best time of day for contemplation and there almost seems to be something soulful, or spiritual about it.  This evening it was a beautiful sunset over Cambridge, I only wish I had captured it better.

Febuary 7

Pizza and Religion
Today marked the start of the Christian week at Cambridge.  This is always an awkward experience, because I am a steadfast Unitarian Universalist and feel that maybe there is not a lot of respect present about this.  We had pizza as a group and a deep conversation about beliefs, and although it was uncomfortable, I think it was good for us and everyone now knows where each other stands and there is a lot more respect than before.

February 6

New Hall Library
This is the library at night.  Although the blur is unintentional as I haven't mastered taking non-blurry night shots very well, I actually think it is quite striking.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

February 5

Very classy
Somehow, dinner is always more fun when you cook for someone and dinner this evening was a very social affair including wine in teacups.  To dine with us is to dine with high society!

February 4

Kings College
Kings never fails to take my breath away.  It just seems so majestic (apt, given its name) and prestigious.  Today I had my first democracy supervision with a professor there. 

February 3

Theatre trip
One of the joys of Cambridge is the opportunity to see so much student theatre and new writing.  This is especially exhibited at the Corpus Playroom and today I stewarded a new play written by the boyfriend of one of my friends. 

February 2

Hot chocolate
Sometimes it is nice to work in a different place, just to mix it up a bit (pun on Aristotle's comments on the Cleisthenic reforms intended) and so I read the last part of [Aristotle]'s Constitution of the Athenians in with a sumptuous hot chocolate today, kindly sponsored by my father who sends me Caffe Nero loyalty cards ever so often in the mail.

February 1

I've made it an entire month in this project and how do I celebrate?  By almost forgetting to take a picture and having to throw one together late at night. 

January 31

View from the library window
The main purpose of this photo is to marvel at how beautifully blue the sky is.  If all winter days could be like this, it would be a lot more bearable.

January 30

Winter always brings an overabundance of oranges, which seems somewhat counter-intuitive, but there we are.

January 29

A winter's day
Although I really dislike the cold and the grey of winter, the silhouettes of the tress are always interesting.  This is another view from my bedroom window. 

January 28

Athenian Democracy
Just a selection of the books I'm ploughing through for my first democracy essay.